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Leveled Readers

One of the wonderful components that accompanies our reading series is a set of leveled readers. With each main story that we read from our reading books, there is a leveled reader that will focus on the same vocabulary words and comprehension strategies that we are working with in class.
Each time your child receives a leveled reader, I would like your child to read this story to you aloud. This will help your child practice fluency, vocabulary words, and comprehension.
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Helpful Websites

   Here are two helpful websites that you and your child have access to. IXL is a website geared towards helping your child practice math and language skills. Spelling City can help your child practice our weekly spelling words. Both of these sites can be accessed through my website under Cool Sites. These sites also require logins and passwords. If your child has forgotten these, please contact me, and I will share that information with you.   
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