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100th Day of School


February 21st was our 100th Day of School! The younger grade students took part in a few activities in their classrooms to celebrate this special day. The students in grades 1-4 stomped 100 balloons to celebrate completing 100 days of learning

Owen Mundt Memorial Free Throw Tournament


The students in grades 3-8 completed the Owen Mundt Memorial Free Throw Tournament. This tournament was started to remember our dear friend and classmate, Owen, who entered his eternal home five years ago..

As we began the tournament, Mr. Essig reminded the students of Owen’s desire to glorify the Lord on and off the court. This tournament was an opportunity to remember Owen and his enjoyment for basketball.  Trophies were given out for 1st place in both the boys and girls Jr. Division (Grades 3-5) and the Sr. Division (grades 6-8) A special treat provided by the Mundt family will conclude our remembrance of our dear friend.

Little Lambs

"I am Jesus Little Lambs" gives a new meaning to the students at St. John's.  Students were given the opportunity to see and touch real lambs thanks to the Horvat family.  Two small one week old lambs were brought in for the students to pet and explore.  Many of them had never seen a real life lamb prior to this.  It was a wonderful experience and something they will remember for a while. 
Preschool Registration

Please click on the registration link to register your child for preschool.  Please call if you have any questions.

St. John's Mission Update

This year, the children of St. John's are using their gifts to the Branch Lutheran Schools of Haiti to help provide Christian educational opportunities Haiti. Haiti is an extremely impoverished country. At Branch Schools, the children hear the Word of God in their classrooms every day and learn of the amazing love and salvation found in Jesus. They memorize the 10 Commandments, Apostles Creed, Lord's Prayer, and more as they dive into a thorough study of the Bible's teachings.
You can learn more about the Branch Schools of Haiti by visiting their website:

Please encourage your children to save coins for this important work. 

MLC Tournament Results


 The basketball season ended recently with both of our A-teams participating in the tournament and winning the championships. Congratulations to all the players and coaches! We thank the many fans who traveled to New Ulm to cheer on our teams. To God be the glory!