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Junior Choir Sings

On Sunday, September 30, Junior Choir will sing the anthem "I Love to Tell the Story"...

Chapel Service, Wednesday, September 26th

Pastor Lindemann will lead the children's school service on Wednesday, September 26th&...

 Scrip News Updated 9-28

The next Scrip order is Monday, September 28th, due by 8:30 a.m. in ...

Science and Fine Arts Fair 

November 3rd is the Fall Science and Fine Arts Fair at Luther! The Fall Science and Fine A...

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Punt Pass and Kick

  The 5th-8th graders of St. John's recently participated in a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. Many thanks to Mrs. Randall for helping with our school competition! Three of our first place finishers, Allie, Nathan, and Jolene, participated in the LALSAC competition at Luther High this past Friday. Allie and Jolene finished as champions in their divisions and were introduced at halftime of the Luther football game. Congratulations girls!


LALSAC Flag Football

  This past Saturday 5 of our 5-8 grade boys joined 75 other LALSAC boys for a morning of flag football at Luther High. The boys practiced for about half an hour, and then they divided into teams and scrimmaged each other. What a beautiful day it was for fun, football, and fellowship!



The St. John's class of 2018-2019.
School Is Now in Session                                          

The 2018-2019 school year is now in session!  Our day began with an opening church service led by Pastor Kuckhahn. His message was based on the school year’s theme, “Rooted and Built Up in Christ.”  Students, teachers, and parents were reminded in the message to connect to THE sure foundation in Jesus Christ. 
We thank God for giving us another opportunity to learn about Him. The school year is now off and running! Teachers here come the kids!


Word a Day: A Vocabulary Word Program

Sophia presented the word "drawbridge" to the first and second grade class. The children loved Sophia's use of detail and learning how the drawbridge actually worked!  Good job, Sophia!


Off to a Great Start- LALSAC Volleyball

   The LALSAC volleyball season began competition this past weekend at Luther High. Both our B-girls team and A-girls team won all their matches. While there are areas to improve, the girls started the season with good communication, positive attitudes, and great leadership from the older girls. Please check the volleyball page for more photos.


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September 24-28 MAPS Testing Grades 3-8 
September 24 Board of Education Meeting 6:30 pm  
September 26 School Chapel Service 8:10 am 
September 28 Scrip Orders due 8:30 am

The Music and Sports Schedule are now online. Please click on their respective activity sites for more information.