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Sunday School Materials

A few people have asked about Sunday School materials to use at home during the quarantine. NPH...

Fools Five Pledges

If you have collected pldeges for the race, please click th...

School Closed March 16-May 4th

As was directed this morning by Governor Walz, state-wide closures will take place through Frid...

Scrip News Schedule (updated March 29th)

Scrip orders will be suspended for the time being, due to all that is going on. Per...

Camp Whitewater News 

Registration for Camp Whitewater is now open! Each year this camp is held at Whitewater State P...

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Monthly St. John's Newsast
Monthly St. John's Newsast

The St. John’s Newscast is back! Our 7/8 grade computer literacy students filmed, produced, and directed this month’s production. Please join our cohosts, Bella and Allie, recap our school stories.

This month’s stories include: Spirit Week, The Owen Mundt Memorial Free Throw Tournament, and the Historical Connection projects. We hope you enjoy the show!

Please click on the graphic to view the newscast!

Spring Bedding Plants
Spring Bedding Plants & Perennials Fundraiser Online Opportunity (update)

Why are doing this?  All funds raised will be use to defray costs in replacing the computers in our current media center.

Thank you to all of you that submitted your order forms for the flower fundraiser. Gertens has offered us the opportunity to continue our fundraiser online. Our online deadline is Wednesday, April 15th. Please use the link to order, share it via social media or email. Please make sure to include the seller's name with orders so pickup runs smoothly. Pickup dates and times will remain the same. Any questions, please contact Lana Knabel 459-8440 or Trisha Schultz 312-0150.
*Orders can be picked-up at the Activity Center doors near Pastor Lindemann's office on Friday, May 1st from 2:00-4:00 pm or Sunday, May 3rd from 9:00-10:30 am (between services).
2020 Historical Connection Videos
Arlis Ellinghuysen
2020 Historical Connection Videos

The 7-8 graders have been working on their Historical Connection Projects during the 2nd quarter. Students chose people born from the 1920’s- 1950’s for their Historical Connection Project. The project was intended to connect their person of choice to the important events of the time period. We hope you enjoy the moviess created by the 7-8 students. Many thanks to our volunteers for making this project a success. Please enjoy the movie.

Please click on the graphic to watch the videos.

E-Pal Visit
E-Pal Visit

 This past week the fourth graders traveled to Luther High to meet their e-pals. Their e-pals are sophomores at Luther who have exchanged e-mails with them since November. The fourth graders spent the morning at Luther getting to know their e-pals better and experiencing school at Luther High.

Jump Bands
Jump Bands

Mrs. Robin Randall continues to share her joy and enthusiasm for physical education with all the children in our school. Mrs. Randall introduced to the 7th-8th grade a new form of conditioning using jump bands. After giving the kids a basic review of the program, the students have been gradually learning and enjoying the bands. Please click on the graphic to enjoy the action. Enjoy!

St. John's Lutheran School
St. John's Lutheran School
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March 16-May 4th School Closed (includes PreK)
All other school activities have ben cancelled.


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