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Junior Choir Sings on Easter Sunday

Junior Choir will sing on Easter Sunday in the early service.  Since this service begins a...

Rocket Swap

“Do you have any St. John’s school clothing or items that you are looking to part w...

Luther High Summer Sport Camps

    Numerous sport camps will be offered at Luther High this summer. Use this link to...

 STEM Camp Program

STEM Camp at St. Paul's, Onalaska (6/17/19-6/21/19) Summer camps are...

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Make A Wish Reveal Party

Jody Danielson and Courtney Miller, volunteers with Make A Wish, were at St John's on Fri, Apr 12th to have a Make a Wish reveal party for Joelle. They brought pizza from Brewski's of Utica and enjoyed a lunch in Mr. Drews' classroom. Details were also shared about Joelle's family trip to Germany that is coming up soon! Mr. Drews presented a basket filled with goodies from her classmates to help pass the time in the 
hospital in the upcoming months as she hopes to have a heart transplant soon. We wish Joelle and her family safe and memorable travels.


Sharing Stories

  For language class the third and fourth graders wrote fractured fairy tales and published them using a program called Book Creator. Recently, they had the opportunity to share those stories with the first and second graders. The third and fourth graders thoroughly enjoyed reading their stories to the younger students. Laughter and smiles came from the first and second graders as they listened to stories about Goldilocks and the Three Tigers, The Three Otters and the Bad Zookeeper, and The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Cow, just to name a few.


Elements of Art with Mrs. Fischer

The 5/6 grade students have been studying the “Elements of Art” this year. As a culmination of working on the element of color, we made an edible color wheel. After the students had split into 5 groups, they were given Nilla wafer cookies and red, blue and yellow frosting.  With only the three primary colors they had to mix up secondary and intermediate colors. This reinforced the students’ understanding of color mixing and color theory. And the best part was……they were able to eat their work!


Kindergarten Fun and Fitness

This week the Kindergarten Class of 2031 visited Luther High for Kindergarten Fun and Fitness. The class did many fun activities with other LALSAC association kindergarten classes. The kids enjoyed scooter games, bowled, learned new skills in the large parachute and did other fun activities. Mrs. J. Dorn commented the kindergarten students had a great time! 


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St. John's News April 3rd edition                                          

 St. John's News is brought to you by the 7/8 classroom. On this broadcast you will find school stories about the 7/8 grade food day, our school play, and an interview with the confirmation class. We hope you enjoy our show! Students are learning to plan, collaborate, and communicate as they learn important critical thinking skills. Please watch for future broadcasts in the coming weeks. 


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April 15th  Scrip due 8:30 am
April 16th  Parenting Class 7:00 pm
April 18th  Maundy Thursday services 4:00, 7:00 pm
April 19th  Good Friday No school
April 21st  Easter Sunday services 7:00 and 9:30 am

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