• 2022
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Touring America Series

Maycie: Arizona

Isabel; Montana

Summer, Nevada

Brett: Texas Gulf area

Pep Fest

Mrs. Vieth, Mrs. Weishalla, and the 8th grade organized a fun and spirited pep fest during Spirit Week. The players wer introduced, and cheerleaders yelled their cheers to pump up the crowd. The 8th graders participated in the many crazy games  Finally the kids loved the candy and the fest ended with the annual VICTORY cheer!  It's off to Luther High for the LALSAC  Tournament! Go Rockets!

Spirit Week Comfy Day

Spirit Week continued with Comfy Day. Students wore their pajamas, comfortable clothes, brought slippers and  blankets, and of course, their stuff animals.  Many thanks to Mrs. Buege for the pictures.
Little Lambs

"I am Jesus Little Lambs" gives a new meaning to the students at St. John's.  Students were given the opportunity to see and touch real lambs thanks to the Horvat family.  Two small one week old lambs were brought in for the students to pet and explore.  Many of them had never seen a real life lamb prior to this.  It was a wonderful experience and something they will remember for a while. 
Early Childhood Open House

   Come and meet our teachers and visit the PreK and kindergarten classrooms, receive school information, and sign up for the 2023-2024 school year (if desired) all while your children explore winter theme activities and meet classmates.

March 4, 2023 9:30-11:00
St. John's Lutheran School
180 Williams St. Lewiston,MN

Snack and goodie bag provided.

St. John's Mission Update

This year, the children of St. John's are using their gifts to the Branch Lutheran Schools of Haiti to help provide Christian educational opportunities Haiti. Haiti is an extremely impoverished country. At Branch Schools, the children hear the Word of God in their classrooms every day and learn of the amazing love and salvation found in Jesus. They memorize the 10 Commandments, Apostles Creed, Lord's Prayer, and more as they dive into a thorough study of the Bible's teachings.
You can learn more about the Branch Schools of Haiti by visiting their website:

Please encourage your children to save coins for this important work. 

 LALSAC Tournament Results


Congratulations to St. John’s coaches and players on a very successful weekend of basketball. Both the boys and girls A-teams did very well in the LALSAC tournament this weekend.

The girls held off St. Paul's Onalaska by a score of 32-25 to win the championship and the boys claimed third place with a 39-34 victory over St. Paul's, Onalaska.

The Rockets will finish their season at the annual MLC tournament in New Ulm in a few weeks. To God be the glory!