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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: Jesus' enemies reject his Word, but believers respond with love and thanks.

Lessons: The Death of John the Baptist
              The Sinful Woman in Simon's House
Memory Treasures for the week: This week the students will start learning their songs and recitations for the Christmas Eve service. Please help your child learn the parts well.
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3rd Grade: Unit 13      ch, sh, tch, th, wr, ck
Basic Words: shape, church, watch, father, wrap, check, finish, sharp, mother, write, catch, chase, shall, thick, wrote, eleven

4th Grade: Unit 13       r-Controlled Vowels: /ar/
   Basic Words: share, cart, beware, march, rare, army, charge, stare, market, compare, mark, alarm, parent, chart, spare, smart, charm, scare, apart, spark, eleventh
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3rd Math - The third graders will have a test on Ch. 6 (More Multiplication Facts) on Friday. The students will not be allowed to use their math wheels for the test, so please help your child study the 3,4,6,7,8 multiplication facts.

4th Math - The fourth graders will start a chapter on division this week. They will review some division rules and be reminded how multiplication and division are related.
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  The students will have a test on verbs on Thursday.



3rd Grade - Lesson 8 - Test on Wednesday
Story - The Harvest Birds
Vocabulary - harvest, separate, advice, borrow, ashamed, borders, patch, serious

4th Grade - Lesson 8 - Test on Wednesday
Story - Me and Uncle Romie
Vocabulary - glorious, studio, smeared, ruined, yanked, model, concerned, streak, schedule, feast
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      This week the students will work with measuring temperatures of matter. They will also observe the changes between states of matter (freezing and thawing).