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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: God blesses the obedient faith of his people and warns them against diesobedience.

Lessons: The Fall of Jericho
             Achan's Sin

Memory Treasures for the week: Psalm 119:105, James 1:22
                                               "We are the Light" intro, vs. 1
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3rd Math - The third graders will have a math test on the multuplication and division of 6-9 on Wednesday. Please help your child review these facts.

4th Math -  On Tuesday the fourth graders will have a test on our recent measurement chapter. They will fill in a measurement sheet on Monday that they will be allowed to use for the test.


   This week the students will write friendly letters.


3rd Grade: Unit 19     aw,o
Basic Words: draw, cost, dawn, across, belong, cross, soft, crawl, song, boss, straw, lawn, raw, lost, law, sixteen

4th Grade: Unit 19    Final le
  Basic Words: bottle, pebble, single, jumble, tickle, rattle, middle, bubble, sample, cattle, snuggle, kettle, jungle, ankle, giggle, simple, settle, temple, battle, mumble, sixteenth
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3rd Grade - Lesson 13 - Test on Thursday
Lesson story - Yonder Mountain
Lesson vocabulary words: examined, peak, rugged, mist, fondly, steep, pausing, pleaded

4th Grade: Lesson 14 - Test on Thursday
Lesson story: The Life and Times of the Ant
Lesson Vocabulary words: social, exchanges, storage, transport, chamber, excess, reinforce, scarce, obstacles, transfers

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     We are finishing up science this quarter with a chapter on nutrition. This week the students will learn about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They will also do an activity identifying fats and starches in foods.