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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: Jesus teaches lessons on repentance.

Lessons: The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
              The Parable of the Father's Great Love

Memory Treasures for the week: Ephesians 4:32
                                               Luke 18:13
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3rd Grade: Unit 19       /o/: aw, o
Basic Words: draw, cost, dawn, across, belong, cross, soft, crawl, song, boss, straw, lawn, raw, lost, law, sixteen

4th Grade: Unit 19       Final le
  Basic Words: bottle, pebble, single, jumble, tickle, rattle, middle, bubble, sample, cattle, snuggle, kettle, jungle, ankle, giggle, simple, settle, temple, battle, mumble, sixteenth
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3rd Grade - Lesson 12 - Test on Friday
Lesson story - Tops and Bottoms

Lesson vocabulary words - risky, grunted, plucked, scowled, profit, crops, tugged, hollered

4th Grade - Lesson 12 - Test on Friday
Lesson story - The Earth Dragon Awakes
Lesson vocabulary words - trembles, wreckage, tenement, crushing, rubble, slab, possessions, debris, timbers, constructed

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3rd Math - The third graders will learn the 7-9 division facts this week. The students have their math wheels in their assignments folders to practice these facts at home.

4th Math - This week the fourth graders will work with metric units of measurement and temperature.

Social Studies

    We are starting Social Studies this week! After a brief overview of the history of our nation, we will study the five regions of the United States.   


   For the next few weeks the third and fourth graders will write stories - fractured fairy tales. This week we will look at the plots of original fairy tales and read examples of fractured fairy tales.