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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: One greater than John is coming.

Lessons: The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus
              John the Baptist

Memory Treasures for the week: Ephesians 6:1
                                               4th Commandment
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    This week the students will revise and proofread their descriptive paragraphs before writing a final copy.


3rd Grade: Unit 3   Short u
Basic Words: lunch, until, cover, buzz, become, stuff, nothing, dull, month, study, love, uncle, cuff, none, under, three

4th Grade: Unit 3    Long a: a, ai, ay
  Basic Words: aim, holiday, paper, station, able, crayon, flavor, lazy, brain, anyway, remain, favor, rail, taste, trailer, lady, nation, relay, fail, radio, third
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3rd Grade - Lesson 3     Test on Friday
Lesson story - Destiny's Gift
Lesson vocabulary words: afford, customers, earn, figure, contacted, raise, block, spreading

4th Grade: Lesson 3   Test on Friday
Lesson story: My Librarian is a Camel
Lesson Vocabulary words: isolated, virtual, impassable, remote, obtain, access, devour, preserve, extremes, avid

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   This week the students will learn about the planets in our solar system.    

Vocabulary - 
solar system


3rd Math - This week the third graders will work with making change, rounding and comparing money, and drawing pictures to solve words problems.

4th Math - The fourth graders will have a test on Ch. 1 on Friday.