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Religion (Christ-Light)

This week's theme: Jesus came to die for us.

Lessons: Jesus' Transfiguration
             Jesus Encourages His Disciples

Memory Treasures for the week: "Christ is Born" refrain, vs. 1
                                               "Christ is Born" vs. 2
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3rd Math - The third graders will have a test on the 0-5 division facts on Monday. Please help your child use the math wheels to practice these facts.

4th Math - The fourth graders will have a math test on division on Thursday.


 This week the students will learn the parts of a friendly letter and write a friendly letter.


   This week the students will learn about mixtures, solutions, and compounds.


3rd Grade - Lesson 10 - Test on Thursday
Lesson story - The Case of the Three Bears' Breakfast
Lesson vocabulary words: inviting, amusing, investigate, expert, laboratory, various, suspect, confess, perplexed, inquisitive

4th Grade: Lesson 10 - Test on Thursday
Lesson story: Emerald's Eggs
Lesson Vocabulary words: comprehend, pliable, solitary, scan, vulnerable, exuberant, mature, lumbers, encircle, nurture

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3rd Grade: Unit 16     The Schwa Sound
Basic Words: afraid, around, upon, never, open, animal, ever, about, again, another, couple, awake, over, asleep, above, fourteen

4th Grade: Unit 16     qu, squ
  Basic Words: quick, quarter, squint, quiz, squeeze, quote, quit, squash, queen, squirm, quilt, quart, squeal, quake, quill, quarrel, square, quite, question, quiet, fourteenth
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Social Studies

    We will not have Social Studies classes until the second half of the school year. We will prepare for that study by reading books about the regions of the United States the first half of the year.