Cover Letter: Application: School Meals
Dear Parent and Guardian:
Our school provides healthy meals each day. Lunch $3.05

Your children may qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. To apply, complete the online form Application for Educational Benefits following the instructions. A new application form must be submitted each year.  
State funds help to pay for reduced-price school meals, so all students who are approved for either free or reduced school meals will receive school meals at no charge. 

Return your completed Application for educational benefits to:
St. John's Ev. Lutheran School
Mr. Jeremiah Drews
160 Williams St.
Lewiston,MN 55952

Mr. Jeremiah Drews  507-523-2508

Who can get free school meals? Children in households participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Minnesota family Investment Program (MFIP), or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation (FDRIP), and foster, homeless, migrant and runaway children can get free school meals without reporting household income. Or children can get free school meals if their household income is within the maximum income shown for their household size on the instructions.

I get WIC or medical assistance. Can my children get free school meals? Children in households participating in WIC or medical Assistance may be eligible for free school meals. Please fill out the application.

Who should I include as household members? Include yourself and other people living in your household, related or not (such as grandparents, other relatives, and friends)

May I apply if someone in my household is not a U.S. citizen?  Yes, You or your children do not have to be U.S. citizens for your children to qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.

What is my income is not always the same? List the amount that you normally get. If you normally get overtime, include it, but not if you get overtime only sometimes. For seasonal work write in the total annual income.

Will the information I give be checked? Yes, and we may also ask you to send written proof.

How will the information be kept? Information you provide on  the form, and your child's approval for school meal benefits, will be protected as private data. For more information see the back page of the Application for educational benefits.

If I don't qualify now, may I apply later? Yes. Please complete an application at any time if your income goes down, your household size goes up, or if you start getting SNAP, MFIP, or FDPIR benefits.

Please provide the information requested about children's racial identity and ethnicity, which helps to make sure we are fully serving our community. this information is not required for approval of school meal benefits.

If you have any other questions or need help, call 507-523-2508