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Advent Concert Decemebr 7th

Our special Advent worship schedule includes special opportunities to worship each Wednesday evening at 7:00. On Wednesday December 7th, St. John's annual sacred Advent concert will be held. The Senior Choir, Junior Choir, and Handbell Choir will be part of the service. Please join us!

School Delays and Cancellations

School Cancellation/ Delays and Early Outs
Our Minnesota weather often causes problems with scheduling school events. When the weather is severe enough to endanger safe transportation to and from school, the district will notify radio and television stations with information and times. We urge parents to monitor stations when the weather may cause a delay, cancellation or early release.
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Jake glides in the air!
Snowmobile Safety Training (For Country Climbers and Lewiston Snow Sports Snowmobile Clubs)

Must Complete Online Training @
MN DNR Website
December 17th at 9:00 am
Please Bring:

Printed voucher
Signed Parent Signature waiver (Parent must be present)
Approved DOT Helmet and Snow Gear
24710 Gilmore Valley Rd
Winona, MN 55987
Student will need to complete:
15 minute Written test and Field Trail Course on 12-17-22
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AZ Vocabulary- Unit 14

The spelling units and completion dates have now been updated for the 22-23 school year. Mrs. Joy Dorn will be the lead teacher for Spelling and Language. for. spelling, the class will use the Website Vocabulary A-Z ( ;) to help students with their lists. Vocabulary A-Z /assignments are posted by Sunday afternoon  for the next week's unit. Students have unique user names and passwords. If you have questions, please feel free to email.
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St. John's Is In Session- December 7th

This is a Parent Transport Day. St. John's is in session. LAHS District will have a staff development day. There is no bussing.

Helping Your Child With Their Study Skills

1. Set up a regular study time in a quiet, comfortable place where your child won't have distractions.
2. Encourage daily study, even if there's no homework. reading and reviewing lessons will get your child in the habit of studying every day.
3. Make sure your child keeps track of assignments and has all the study tools needed for homework.
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