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Boxtops for Education Update 3-27
St. John's has been a participant in the Boxtops for Education program since its inception. Last year the company changed their program. Instead of cutting off the Boxtop from their products they now want customers to scan their receipts and it will give credit to St. John's.  Please check out the Boxtop link: They explain the process, have recipes, coupons, etc.
St. John's receives 10 cents for every boxtop and sometimes they have awesome offers. For example, if you buy 3 items at the same time from Costco /Sam's they will donate $10! This can add up quickly! There are still  some 10 cent boxtop coupons that have not expired. If you have a few, please drop the coupons off at school, and I'll send them in.
Thank you for your support
Debbie Barkeim
Boxtop for Education Coordinator