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Scrip News (Update) Plus  Bonus News
Reminder that we are returning to our normal Scrip schedule, ordering twice a month. September orders are Tuesday the 3rd and Monday the 16th.

For the month of September, 
Kwik Trip is offering a 10% bonus 
(normal is 5%). This may be the only chance all year for the bonus rebate, now is the time to stock up! 

A few things to note. 
After 12 months of non-use, Kwik Trip starts deducting $2 each month from the total of the Scrip card. Please be aware of that as you figure you how much to stock up on.

Because of this amazing bonus, I will move the October 1st order to September 30th, giving everyone one extra chance to stock up. Orders will be Tuesday, September 3rd, Monday, September 16th and Monday, September 30th.

If you are ordering and sending it to school with your child, please remind your child that the order needs to be in the office right away in the morning. If you have concerns that your order won't be turned in on time, please let me know (or your child's teacher). If I know I should have an order from you, I will go looking for it, but prefer not to disrupt classroom time. Any late orders will get added on to the next order.

Let me know if you have any questions.
call Meghan @ 604.0045 or text 920.723.0848
Author: Meghan Kuckhahn