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LALSAC Flag Football Rules

Flag Football Rules -  8 man teams 

1. Approximately an 80 yard field will be used. Plus 10 yards for each end zone.

end zone, goal line, 10,20,30,40,30,20,10, goal line, end zone

2. 5 (have to be set) on the line of scrimmage 3 lineman and 2 ends

3. The interior three linemen are not eligible

4. Two 20 minute running halves - with a 3-5 minute break in between

5. 3 timeouts per half

6. When kicking teams must be 10 yards apart. Kick off at the 30

7. No rushing on punt plays

8. Punts and kicks can be returned if caught cleanly or picked up off the grounds

prior to any other player touching it.

9. Any ball hitting the ground will result in a dead ball.

10. First Downs will be awarded at the 20, 40(midfield) and the 20

11. Off-sides and holding will be penalties

12. Blocking on the line with arms extended straight out is allowed.

13. No blocking low or cut blocks

14. The will be no guarding of flags – hands must be on the ball

15. Runners need to have two flags to advance the ball

16. 6 points per touchdown

17. Extra point played from the 2 yard line. 1 point awarded

18. Spinning while advancing is allowed if safe.

19. Returning of interceptions is allowed

20. Quarterback can run the ball at anytime

21. Pitches are allowed

22. Ball is marked down where ball is when flag is pulled

23. Only one foot in for a pass completion

24. Defensive players may rush immediately after the ball is snapped.

25. A defensive player can purposely cause the quarterback to fumble rather than pull his flags. Ball is dead when it touches the ground.

D Penalties

Offside 5 yd repeat down

Interference 10 yd auto first

Holding 10 yd repeat down

O Penalties

Illegal motion 5 yd loss of down

Flag guarding down at point of guarding no loss of down

Holding 10 yd repeat down