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Order schedule is changing
The format of the orders is transitioning to a 3-4 week period between orders. Not only does this accommodate my schedule better, but saves school money on paying shipping fees each order. So please plan accordingly. And except for the first September order, the rest are on Mondays (this allows time for the order to come by the end of the school week).

Kwik Trip specials
I have already been asked by a few people about Kwik Trip specials. I never know for sure until I get an email from their Corporate office, which is generally on the day the sale starts. Historically, they have run a special in September, and a few times they have done one in January. There is no guarantee these will happen again, but if they do, I will get the word out as soon as I am able. I made sure that there were 2 orders in each of those months, in hopes that there will be a special.

Scrip School Year Calendar
*All orders are due by 8:30 a.m. in the office, unless marked. No late orders.*
May 23

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Meghan Kuckhahn