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The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree was established a few years ago by the Parent Teacher League (PTL) as a way to thank our teachers for their hard work and to help them receive classroom resources. It replaced the traditional student gift exchange.

This is how the Giving Tree works: 

? I asked the teachers to provide me with “wish lists” of items they need or would like for their classroom. 

? Each ornament on the tree has an item from the classroom teacher’s wish list on it. 

? Each classroom (pre-K through 7/8) is assigned a specific color and shape ornament. 

? A poster on the wall next to the tree will tell you which classroom corresponds with each ornament shape. 

? When you find an item you think you would like to purchase for the classroom, take the ornament off the tree and take it with you. This is important to avoid any duplication. 

? Feel free to grab multiple ornaments or go in with other family/families on more expensive items/multiple request items. 

? If you later decide not to buy that item, please put the ornament back on the tree at your earliest convenience so someone else has the option to buy it. 

? Once you have bought the item, wrap it up and send it to school with your child(ren) to the appropriate classroom’s tree. (Do NOT leave under the tree in the cafeteria, please.) The gifts will be opened during the classroom Christmas parties before Christmas break. 


If you have any questions, 

feel free to call me at 523-2233 

or email ;


Heather Buege 

Giving Tree Coordinator